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Everything You Need To Know About Health Benefits Of Goji Berry

goji berries health benefitsThe goji berries grow on a shrub that is ever green and is found in subtropical and temperate regions in China. They are also known as wolfberries which are red-bright orange in color.

Even though they were introduced in Western Countries recently, they were still being used In China and Tibet both medicinally and as a culinary ingredient and when used as traditional Chinese medicine they were usually sold in dried berry form.

While in Asia people of different generations would eat with the hope of living longer. These goji berries can be eaten raw, dried or even cooked depending on the user, they can also be used in herbal tea,wine,medicines and juices. Occasionally, these berries have been used to try treating different kinds of common diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, age related kind of eye problems and fever.

Nutrients Found in Goji Berries

  • Proteins-they actually has the highest concentration of proteins of any kind of fruits and contain amino acids that are very essential to the body and fiber as well
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A-have more carotene than any other type of foods
  • Potassium
  • Iron-they boost like 15 times more amount of iron than that is found in spinach
  • Vitamin B2


So unique how this fruit is, and it is without a doubt that this goji berry fruit is a nutritional source of power.

This astonishing little fruit also does contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory compounds. They have very powerful polysaccharides and antioxidant properties which help in boosting the immune system ,well now I understand why in traditional Chinese medicine that they were renowned for increasing lives and strengths of individuals.

Still, on the Chinese traditional medicines, the fruits were said to act on the Liver and Kidney meridians hence helping with the lower pains at the back, eye sights and dizziness. Mostly, they are consumed when raw, at times its extract or even as an ingredient in soups.

goji berry benefits

Kindly note that if one is consuming diabetic medicines and at the same time goji berries there can be adverse interactions, or blood pressure medicines, so one should always consult their health provider in such a case.

Compared to benefits one gets from eating other berries, these goji berries being loaded with the carotene helps in promoting one healthy skin.

Even though it’s not yet approved medically, but people suffering from arthritis do claim that the goji berries do cure their pain.

Especially the joint discomforts and inflammation of arthritis, the potent antioxidants in goji berries could affect them. If suffering from arthritis ask your doctor if maybe adding these berries might help.

There are so many ways in which goji berries can be consumed and below are the recipes for the berries

benefits of goji berries

  • Raw: To start with one can eat them
  • Juice: The goji juice should be taken without adding any color or sugar
  • Tea: The berries can be used as a brew in tea. In a glass of hot or cold water or even herb tea add a handful of goji berries and leave for 5 to 10 minutes .By doing this they become fleshy and juicy. Tea is ready or one can even eat the hydrated berries that are full of antioxidants
  • Smoothies: one should start by soaking a handful of the goji berries in a glass of water for about 10minutes.Immediately they are fleshy and juicy, do add them to your preferred smoothie. It will not make too much of a big change to the taste of your smoothie
  • Trail Mix: One can also add goji berries to their choice of trail mix. Or, even make your own by mixing the nuts and the dried fruits with some goji berries. For kids they like it more when some chocolate is added to the goji trail mix
  • Cereal: The same as raisins just add some goji berries to the cold or hot cereals in the morning
  • Scones and Muffins: You can add goji berries to the scones or muffins just like raisins
  • Goji Energy Bars: Start by blending a handful of goji berries mixed with walnuts together in a cup , put 5-6 dates in a food processor and a cup of almonds ,spread in a deep pan to make bars or roll the mix into balls

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