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Have You Already Tried The Magic of Water For Detoxification?

We all know that drinking water is good for us.  There are health benefits from a water detox also.

Here we’re going to give you some of the most important benefits of water detoxing.

It’s something that you’ll want to do regularly. Drinking water is one of the easiest things you can do for your health.

Reaching for a glass of the clear stuff will improve your health in more ways than you even realize.

Water detoxing rids the body of waste.  Water does this by flushing out your system.

It should be no surprise that this will in turn help your immune system.  Your body isn’t going to be overloaded with toxins and waste.

It will give your organs a chance to do what they do best.  Which is function normally.  A body filled with toxins and waste will eventually wear down the organs.

Making them not able to function to their capacity.  The best way to avoid this is by detoxing regularly.

apple and glass water detox


You’ll feel younger and actually look it.  There are a lot of pills and potions on the market that are designed to make you look and feel younger. 

Everyone knows there isn’t a magic cure for aging.Though, drinking plenty of water will make you look younger.  You’ll even feel younger.

Which means you won’t be sitting on the couch all day long.  That will have a major impact on another aspect of your life.  It will actually help you lose weight.  Who knew that a water detox could be so healthy?  Now you do.

People who water detox report having sharper thinking and generally feel in better spirits.  It makes sense.

You’ll be in a better mood if your thinking ability has been enhanced.  Think of the times when you felt mentally sluggish.  Those probably weren’t days where you felt good mentally.

You felt less sharp and your overall general mood suffered.  A glass of water isn’t going to cure the blues if you have them.

But, it will help you think more clearly.  When was the last time you read about something drug free that could actually do that?

All you ladies out there will love these two reasons why you should detox.  It will actually improve your hair and skin
Who knew there would be an all natural way to do that?  You can and the solution comes right out of your tap.  The reason for all this is pretty simple. 
Your body has been flushed of toxins.Now your body can work on what it does best.  Which means it will be functioning normally like it should.  Your body is no longer bogged down dealing with all those pollutants and toxins.

No one here is saying that water is a cure all for everything.  A water detox is just another tool in your arsenal. 

Detoxing with water is easy and almost free.  It’s the one thing that you can do for yourself that doesn’t require a lot of effort. 

Make sure you get enough water each and every day.Don’t be one of these people that think you can skip drinking water.

As you can see here the reasons are simple why you shouldn’t.  Go get yourself a big tall glass and drink it for your health.

Infused detox water

In just a few minutes the water can turn into a detox refreshing drink with a taste that will be completely healthy, full of vitamins, without any artificial additives, and you will not spend money on flavored waters from the store and saturated sugar juices.

This diet detox water has elements that are known to significantly help in removing fat deposits around the abdomen and thigh, preventing inflation and cleanses the body of toxins.

This is a great way for those who just do not like water but they want to drink it more, as well as to develop the habit of drinking water in children. Water with herbs is an excellent choice to drink during hot summer days at work, or when you feel “sleepy”.
Water detox drink is very easy to prepare. What you will need is filtered or sparkling water, freshfruit, vegetables and herbs and jars.
Detox water preparation:
1. add the fruit and/or vegetables (select fresh organic produce and herbs 100% pesticide free) in the jar, use a spoon to slightly mash fruit/vegetables.
2. Then add the herb and/or spice of choice
3. Fill jar with water
Let the water sit for a few hours to allow the flavors to infuse and to become a detox refreshing drink.
Now enjoy your drink!

Detox water recipes

It is a matter of your taste and imagination – if desired, you can put only one type of fruit, you can combine different fruits, vegetables and herbs. Create your own combination of flavors and enjoy a healthy water refreshment.

fruits for water detox


Some of flavor combinations:
lemon + lime + orange
raspberry + lime
mint + cucumber + green apple
lavender + blueberry
pineapple + mint + ginger
orange + lemon + mint
strawberry + lemon + basil
orange + blueberry
cucumber + melon
watermelon + mint
rosemary + grapefruit
blueberry + lavender

My favorite combination is Cucumber and Melon

Soft melon chop into cubes (fill with almost half a jar). Then add the cucumbers into jar (they should not be crushed, they themselves release their flavor).

Of course, add water, stir and put in the fridge before serving. Protection Status