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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating HabitsThere are a lot of misconceptions about eating healthy.

A lot of people think that eating healthy is all about just eating healthy food, but all foods are healthy.

It is only when you abuse the foods, then there might be the possibilities for an unhealthy lifestyle. 




 All Foods Are The Right Type Of Foods – Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy consists of:

  • the type of food you eat
  • how much of a certain type of food you eat
  • and the times when you eat these foods

You also have to take into consideration your lifestyle.

You have to know that just eating the right stuff alone, won’t keep you healthy, you have to get and stay active.

Exercising is a vital part of eating healthy, although you might think exercise has nothing to do with healthy eating.

The Right Foods

Healthy Eating

All foods are the right foods, the problem arises when you consume too much of certain types of food and not enough of another type.

Take this example, you eat a lot of meat because you think protein is the best and you need it more than any other minerals. To think that protein is the best is no problem, to even eat that way is not a problem, but you need to know that you can get protein from a variety of foods.

You can get if from red meat, fish, dairy products and even nuts. If you take a little from each of these groups then you won’t have an excess of a certain type of food for your body to work through.

The thing is this, your body behaves like you and we all know when we get used to anything we get complacent. The body gets complacent; it does not put out the work to break down the food because that type of food is all it sees.

The body needs variety, a variety of food to keep it moving. Think about it if you are at work and there are going to be some changes there, what is your mood?

You are on point, you are as cocked as a pistol, ready to go and that is how the body works as well. It is not sure the type and class of food it might get so it keeps ever ready to pounce and dissolve anything.

Midnight Snacking

There is nothing wrong with midnight snacking, again it is about what you eat and in what moderation. You can a small piece of steak has your midnight snack, but not a big piece.

If you choose steak as a midnight snack you are also going to need to eat a type of food that is going to give the body more energy.

When you sleep you burn energy and the steak is going to need a lot of energy by itself to be broken down, so you have to provide the body with extra energy, you have to compliment the steak with some energy foods.

Last but by far not least, you need to exercise. Jog, walk, do anything active to burn off the food. Once you eat in right moderation, all types of foods, any amount of activity is going to be sufficient.


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