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Juicing (Healthy Juices and Recipes)

Juicing (Healthy Juices and Recipes)

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Our delicious 14 juicing recipes for energy boost & detox & fat-burning. Some of our readers used these recipes to lose up to 10lbs in 5 weeks while improving their energy levels.

A Word on Juice Detox

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Hotter than ever, juice detox is on the increase as the most essential cleansing way that helps a body reset its physical and psychological processes once being got rid of excreting toxins and chemicals laced in food.

Despite making lots of people squeamish and scientists raising an eyebrow, the juice detox is reported to have fixed health and weight problems establishing itself as a challenging way toward a cleaner and healthier diet.

In fact, it is the gateway to a healthier lifestyle because it is usually undertaken before serious changes in people’s eating habits.

There are many reasons why people take up this kind of diet and one of them would be the fact that, after consistent juicing, they feel energized a lot and discover that they have a lot of vitality.

The juices are expressed from fruits, vegetables and herbs and mixed together according to a wide variety of recipes that can be found in dedicated books or on the internet.

You should not be intimidated by their variety, just prey on them and make tasty and healthy concoctions.
You can use apples, celery, carrots, ginger, beets, lemons or leafy greens and lemon grass. You can experiment with berries, bananas and avocados.

There is a whole green and aromatic world waiting to be mixed into a delicious and healthy beverage that will give your body an energy boost, will benefit your immune system and will increase metabolism.

Be creative, innovative and you will soon discover the benefits of a juice detox: a better cardiovascular function, better looking skin, shiny hair, and an improved figure.

On the whole, an age-defying look and feel. In spite of that, there are some rules of thumb that will make the juice detox more comfortable: drink a lot of water and moderate physical activity.

Celebrate Well Being with Juice Detox

More and more experts begin to give credit to juice detox as an important and efficient way to make your body healthier and keep a sound weight.

For years now, the healthy juice detoxification diet has been advocated as a means to get rid of the unwanted toxins from your body and help shed some pounds off as well.

Juices are known to contain lots of minerals, antioxidants and many vitamins that are extremely beneficial.

This concept of a purified or cleansed body after juice detox has been present within the habits and attitudes of most civilizations around the globe.

Juice detoxification means exclusive intakes of vegetable and fruit juices which, preferably, are made of fresh and organic ingredients that are thoroughly homogenized into no foam, clear juice.

A typical detoxification like this continues for one to three days, but some people claim that it may last for several weeks as well.

Allegedly, there are lots of reasons that entice people to undergo juice detox. Firstly, lots of body energy is preserved as the digestion process is a smooth and rapid one, allowing the nutrients to be easily and quickly absorbed.

Secondly, this diet allows you huge daily intakes of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which otherwise are impossible to eat or drink.

Then, other benefits include:

an improved cardiovascular function,

mental clarity,

a stronger immune system,

better joints and bones,

healthier looking skin, hair and nails,

and lots of energy.

Some say that it even helps you develop a different connection to your mind and makes you understand the emotional approach a person’s have towards food.

However, such detox diets should be undergone under specialized supervision because, if abused, they may have an opposite results than expected. It may lead to a decreased metabolism, muscle loss, and, after it ends, the unwanted fat is gained back.

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