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You Will Thank Us – Tips About Okra Health Benefits You Need To Know

What is Okra good for?

Chances are you’ve eaten okra deep-fried or in gumbo.  Though, you probably never even thought once of the health benefits of okra.

Here we’re going to discuss the health benefits.

You’re going to want to find new and exciting ways to add okra into your diet.  It has benefits that go far beyond anything you could have ever imaged.  You’ll never look at okra the same way again after reading this.

What is Okra good for

Okra is eaten all over the world.  Though, it’s most famous amongst the African people.  There it has been eaten since time has begun.

Most people who don’t like okra have eaten it wrongly prepared.

It can be easy for okra to have a slimy texture.  It’s this very reason that people use it as a thickening agent.

Throughout the Middle East people use okra to thicken stews.  This is because of the slimy texture it has.

We might as well get the first health benefit out-of-the-way.  A lot of you already know what we’re going to say.  Okra is high in fiber.  That means it’s good for colon health.

Are you having problems going to the bathroom?  Don’t reach for a laxative.  Instead, add some okra to your diet.  It’s a drug free method of ensuring that you’ll be regular.

Let’s be honest about this for a minute.  No one likes talking about going to the bathroom.  That’s the reason why we got it out-of-the-way first.

Most people don’t understand why going to the bathroom regularly is important to their health.

Being constipated is extremely bad for you.  Moving your bowels is one way the body removes toxins.  Those toxins build up if you’re constipated.

Going to the bathroom regularly removes those toxins from your body.  It’s simply not good to be constipated.  We hate to think about it.

But, it means you’re walking around with huge amounts of feces in your body.

Those feces need to come out.  Making sure you have the proper fiber in your diet is the only way to achieve regularity.


Some of you will be surprised to find out that okra can help with your diabetes

The clinical research of Okra in a treatment of diabetic nephropathy has proved that Okra is a better efficient treatment agent for diabetic nephropathy.
The main reason for that is the fiber.  It’s good for more than just going to the bathroom.  Okra is also low on the glycemic index.  Which means your body converts the carbohydrates into sugars.  This is important for many types of people.
Not just for those who may be at risk of type two diabetes.It’s also important for young ladies that have polycystic ovary syndrome. Also known as PCOS.We all know how deadly diabetes can be.
It’s for this very reason why you should consider adding okra to your diet.  Especially if you’re a young lady with PCOS.  You’ll want to nip your type two diabetes in the bud.Making sure that it doesn’t progress to something more dangerous.  It’s far better to regulate your blood sugar levels through diet without having to take insulin.  No one is saying that okra is a magic cure-all for diabetes.  What we are saying is that it’s one of the tools you should be using to lower your insulin levels.

Did you know that almost half of all kidney disease is the result of diabetes?

It’s the silent killer that most people aren’t even aware of. This is the real reason why you want to control your blood sugar levels.

Kidney disease is not something to fool around with.

The good news is, it can easily be prevented. Just think of how many lives could be saved if those people changed their diet? Simply adding okra can be the first step in that ever so important change.

The next health benefit of okra may be surprising to some. It can actually prevent cancer. That’s because okra is loaded with antioxidants.

Antioxidants perform a whole host of tasks in the body. The main task is preventing cancer. The best way to prevent disease is by taking good care of yourself.

No one can ever guarantee they won’t get a disease.Though, we can take steps to prevent diseases.

One of those steps is to get as many antioxidants into your body as possible. This study reveals the anti-tumor effects of a lectin, which is isolated from okra and that promotes antitumor effects in human breast cancer cells.

Antioxidants in Okra will make you look younger

It’s those same antioxidants that will also make you look younger. Ever notice how young those African women look? Okra is partly the reason for that. It’s more than just the antioxidants. It also has to do with the fact it makes you regular.
Now your body can fight off the things that cause you to look and feel old. With the toxins gone, your body has more tools to keep it healthy.
A healthy body is a body that looks young. It’s truly one of the few best kept secrets in the beauty industry. Taking care of your body is the best way to look good. Especially as you age.

Are you looking to lose weight?

You may want to think about adding okra to your diet. It goes back to regulating blood sugar. You’ll actually feel full longer after eating okra.

Which means you won’t be reaching for snacks. That will go long ways in shedding weight and keeping it off. Everyone knows how difficult it is to maintain weight loss once you’ve achieved it. This is why it’s important that you eat foods that enable you to feel fuller for longer.

The research study has proven that okra lowers cholesterol. Your ticker will thank you for eating okra. That’s because it will lower your bad cholesterol. That’s partly due to the fiber content. It’s also due to compounds found in okra.

We all know how important heart health is.Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.

Preventing diseases before they happen is the goal of every doctor out there. That’s why they always stress a healthy balanced diet. Take care of your heart. You can’t live long without a healthy heart.

You should know that adding okra isn’t a cure-all for everything.  Simply adding okra won’t change your life overnight.  It needs to be a part of a healthy diet.  That’s the key thing to understand.

Diet and exercise are vital to being healthy.  Think of adding okra as a first step.

okra health benefits


How can you add okra to your diet?

At first, it may seem a little difficult.  Especially for those of you that have never eaten it before.  Deep frying okra is the most common way of eating it in some areas. 
You’re going to want to avoid eating it prepared this way.  It’s a good way to introduce yourself to okra.  But, don’t think that anything deep-fried is good for you. 
You’re going to want to find out how to incorporate it into your diet.Ethnic foods from Africa and the Middle East are where you’re most likely to find okra.  Introduce these foods to your family.  It will make mealtime a whole lot more interesting.
You’ll be able to teach your family something as you eat.  Your family will actually get to learn about other culture and cuisine.  While they receive the health benefits of something most people overlook.Your goal should be to add okra into your diet as often as possible.
Try to find ways to sneak it in.  Be creative and use all of your culinary skills.  Don’t be afraid to get the kids working in the kitchen.  After all, a healthy lifestyle is something they should be taught at an early age.
You’re never too young or too old to benefit from okra.  Which is one of the most important things you need to understand.

Your health can always be improved.  No matter how old you are or how healthy you may be.  There’s always room for improvement.

Go out there and find the nearest store that sells fresh and quality okra.  You owe it to yourself and to your family to make a change today.  That change begins with okra.  Something you’ve been overlooking for way too long.


Make today count.  You can do that by adding okra to tonight’s meal

You’ll be surprised by how good it tastes.  You’ll also be surprised by how much your family will enjoy it.  They’ll enjoy eating it and you’ll feeding be them something healthy and nutritious.  That’s something you can’t say too often in today’s world of processed foods.

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