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Weight Loss Calculator

weight lossAfter deciding to take the plunge and change their lifestyle in an attempt to lose weight or improve fitness levels, many people make the mistake of making drastic, unsustainable changes and expecting instant results.

These lifestyle changes are very difficult to maintain, and so the person tends to revert back to their original lifestyle fairly quickly, effectively reversing any progress they’ve made.

People who try to change their entire lifestyle overnight are generally far less successful than those who make small changes and gradually introduce new exercises into their routine while slowly improving their diet.


This is because their routine, as well as their body, adapt to each change effortlessly, so the lifestyle overhaul is less of a shock to the system than an abrupt, significant change to their fitness regime.


Taking Small Steps Towards Weight Loss

The changes which should be made can vary greatly depending on the person’s goals;

for someone who is looking to build fitness rather than losing weight, the goal may be to slowly increase the length of their workouts,

√ while for someone looking to lose weight the goal might be as simple as cutting down the number of takeaways per week.

If the person is looking to improve their fitness, a good way to do this gradually is to start by walking once or twice a week, gradually increasing the length or frequency of their walks.

Once their fitness begins to improve, incorporating short jogs and some swimming into the routine can speed up the weight loss and fitness process.

Small dietary changes can also have a significant lasting effect.

Simply cutting out one type of food every so often, or introducing one type of healthy food, will gradually improve your overall diet, generally leading to weight loss and overall increased fitness levels.

Making a change such as cutting out a weekly takeaway can make a drastic change, reducing weight as well as increasing energy levels, which will, in turn, improve workouts.

Many people are of the opinion that to change their lifestyle they change into a health and fitness fanatic overnight, however this simply isn’t true and can in some cases actually reduce their chances of losing weight and improving fitness levels.

Small, gradual lifestyles changes are far more likely to become part of a routine and be maintained than a drastic, overnight change, which is likely to be forgotten after a short period, and lasting changes should always be the goal with regards to fitness and weight loss.

Weight Loss Calculator

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